Remote Support (VIRUS, SPYWARES REMOVAL and more for $40)

3 simple steps

Our remotely repair system of your computer is the most economical & fast option.
In just 3 simple steps you could fix your computer, with the help of one of our technicians.

Step 1: Enter your phone number & make payment, only $ 40 for a 60-minute session.

Pay by Credit Card

We accept all mayor credit cards

Pay by Paypal or

Phone Number:

Step 2: Install the program TEAM VIEWER to allow remote access

TeamViewer for Remote Support TeamViewer for your
Remote Support!

Step 3: Once your payment is credited, a technician will contact you to ask to open the TEAM VIEWER program & pass the ID numbers & PASSWORD to start remote support.

We recommend that you contact us at 909-878-0400. so we can evaluate by phone if the problem you have with your computer can be repaired remotely or requires a personal visit from our technicians.
The remote support using TEAM VIEWER is a very safe mode by our technicians can access your computer to make cleaning the registry, defragment the hard drive, install programs, etc. You can always see what are doing our technical, & may cancel the session, just closing the program, TEAM VIEWER.
When you open the program TEAM VIEWER, it shows 2 sets of numbers, user ID & PASSWORD, the password changes every time you open the program so our technicians can not access your computer if it does not tell us the password.
       Only once will access your computer, with your consent for a 60-minute session where we will clean the windows registry & will make every installation you specify.
It is possible that at the end of our remote support, reboot the computer for the changes to take effect, our technician can remotely reboot your computer to finish the session, but in doing so, turn off the TEAM VIEWER program. If you want to review something more than the computer must reopen the TEAM VIEWER program & communicate with our technician at 909-878-0400 to give the new access numbers (ID & PASSWORD).
NOTE: Not All Problems - Issues can be fix remotely ;-( If that's the case we Refund in Full.

You will be able to see everything we are doing live on your screen!
So just sit back, and relax as we fix your Problems in real time!
We Guarantee a response within 24hr , and in most cases same day fix ;-)
(9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific time)
(11:00am to 7:00pm Central time)
(12:00pm to 8:00pm Eastern time)
"After hours, and Weekend by Appointment"


How It Works In Six Easy Steps

  1. Open your browser and go to www.teamviewer.com and Click in the Green Button (Download Team
  2. Remote Computer Service
  3. Click on the program for start the Installation
  4. Remote Computer Service
  5. Click on RUN
  6. Remote Computer Service
  8. Remote Computer Service
  9. When finish the installation, Buy this services and send me one message whit the ID and PASSWORD.
  10. Remote Computer Service
  11. Also you can call to agree at what moment we can both be in front of the computer to login and repair your computer 714-732-1386